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West Marietta Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30301

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$719 - $889
πŸ›Œ  2-4
πŸ›  2-4
πŸŽ“   3.1mi to Atlanta

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About Westmar Student Lofts

Choose Westmar Student Lofts and live in style while you attend college! Our fabulous student housing community features luxurious amenities including a giant resort-style swimming pool complete with private cabanas, state-of-the-art gym, full basketball court, 24 hour convenience market, study center, game lounge, free shuttle to several campuses and so much more! With all of these amazing amenities and more get ready to live in luxury at an affordable price with Westmar Student Lofts! When you aren’t enjoying one of the amazing amenities at our student community you will be relaxing with college friends in your luxury apartment. All of our student apts are fully furnished. You will have the option to choose from a standard, luxury, or elite apt. You can also choose between 2, 3, and 4 bedroom apartments. Each apartment features a private bedroom, private bathroom, washer and dryer, and full kitchen. Β 

Location Details

πŸ“ West Marietta Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30301

πŸŽ“ 3.1mi

Distance to Atlanta

πŸšΆβ€οΈ 30+min

EST. Walk to Atlanta

🚲 9min

Est. Bike ride to Atlanta

πŸš— 6min

Est. Drive to Atlanta

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Research Score

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Former Resident

Westmar was an experience. I had issues getting the staff to move me due to discrepancies with my unit. I had to get my parents involved before they actually moved me. For the amount of money you are paying, they should want to work with you better. They layout is great and square footage is nice. I moved in with people I didn't know (still students) but they didn't like AC and I needed it for my health. It would be nice if you could control your own thermostat per room but its per the suite. Great location compared to the city. Loved the garage parking. ...


This place does not even deserve a one star. I beg of you to stay far away from this hell hole. The management is horrible, dumb, retarded, lack common sense and are the spun of the devil. They do not know how to effectively communicate with their residents and treat everyone with disrespect. Due to their lack of communication, their residences are clueless with the changes they make and they love to fine the residences. Firstly, I was told the wrong amount of rent I was to pay every month. I would go to them and inform them that my account was not right and they would rudely dismiss me. My friend who works there was able to help me out after 6 months of going back and forth with them. On top of that they were adding fees to my account that made no sense and mind you I pay my rent 4 to 6 months in advance. The building was on fire twice and there was no communication and the way they handle the situation was horrible. A girl got shot in the face and they did not inform their residences of this. The only way I knew of this incident was through the news. Can u believe that? Parents save ur children from this hell hole, students save yourself and apply somewhere else. You will save money! Not worth it. The five star reviews you see on here are either the employees or the beg the residence to give good ratings at events, which is ridiculous. Please do not be deceived. Of my 23 years of living I have one regret and that was moving into Westmar Student Loft! Westmar management do not comment under this asking me to come to the office to talk about this. Been trying for about a year. I rented from summer 2017 through winter 2018. ...


OMG! Let me tell you something DO NOT MOVE HERE!!! There are so many other places you can rent this is just an absolute waste of money! They do a really good job marketing like they are able to make this place look like heaven but don't fall for it honestly. I made the mistake of leasing for two years because everything looked so good but of course I was wrong and let me tell you I will never make that mistake again! Wifi SUCKS! My dryer is never working. The garbage disposal stops working all the time. The hallways smell like SHIT LITERALLY! The elevator is gross, they cleaned it one time and it was before moving time cause of course they need to make it look good for the parents. Its like a college dorm so of course it's dirty. I think that this year it has been better because almost no one lives here compared to last year. The staff is unprofessional they will do anything to avoid answering your questions like you can go and ask the dumbest question and they will be like yeah ok here send us an email and we will help you like wtf do I look like i have time for that. Management is never around! I went to the office one time and they were like yeah there is no manager right now so we can't help you then I look and the manager is RIGHT THERE like really? i'm so serious get an apt by yourself and pay the extra $200-$300 it will be totally worth it. Total waste of money! I rented from fall 2016 through winter 2017. ...


First off I want to say I would never in my life ever ever ever sign another lease at Westmar Student Lofts again. Please carefully read the review before considering to live hear. From the beginning of moving into Westmar I had a plethora of issues with my move-in process. The apartment that I was supposed to move in was given away to someone else after we had already agreed on a move in day. This left me to have to take the smaller room which was very small and cluttered. All they offered was $200.00 of my rent, after their mistake and miscommunication. Not to mention trash left in random places because of the young residents who have no type of home training, roach and ant 🐜 issues, improper security. The door you use to come in is never locked, they have a walk way with stairs they never finished, that is full of rocks😳. Here is what took the cake: This Sunday I came back from my vacation leaving my sick grandma a day early. When I came back to West Mar I came back to a new refrigerator. The average person would say that's great but no. Even though I had a new refrigerator , All my food that was in the old refrigerator was put in my sink and on my counter. The contractors that they hired never put my food back in my freezer and refrigerator. So guess what I came in from my vacation and hopes to move from my room to the bigger room in my apartment as I discussed with the manager. But guess what I could not because the room I was supposed to move into was dirty I was busy cleaning up the mess that the contractors had left for me literally all the groceries that I had in my refrigerator how it went bad. Raw meat, raw fish, Frozen kale and spinach and frozen fruit that had unfollowed all in the same sink as the raw meat and I came into my apartment with it smelling like old nasty Punanni and spoiled vegetables. Not only did I have to throw all my food away but I had to use damn near all my trash bags. To top that off after I swept mopped and through all the garbage away and emptied out the Tupperware with the rotten food in it I was going to wash the dishes. I couldn't wash the dishes because they had unplugged the dishwasher which is also connected to the garbage disposal. So couldn't watch the dishes because my sink was plugged up and I could not put the dishes in the dishwasher cause that was unplugged and filled all nasty water. Oh yes it gets worse.I go downstairs this morning to go talk to management and let them know about all the food that went bad and let them know about the garbage disposal and the dishwasher, and I let them know about the dirty room that wasn't clean. After pouring out my heart and frustration into management all he did was apologize about the contractors not putting my food in my refrigerator and gave me $150 gift card to replace some of my food. Mind you I damn near use the rest of my trash bags, I spent hours cleaning up a mess that was made by contractors that management hired, I came home early from a sick grandmother to move to a room that I was scheduled to move into and the room was dirty at all, he assured me that somebody will come upand fix my garbage disposal's and my think, that they would clean up my room so I can move into it, however there still water in my dishwasher that compatibly mold, The sink is still not draining properly, my room is still not clean so I was not able to move into the larger room as we discussed, and management is very careless about Professionalism and honoring their word. I know this is a very long review but I am fed up with Westmar student Lofts. The only reason why I am still here is because I signed a lease already and my lease is not up until July of next year. I regret signing another year lease and I highly suggest that you never signed a lease for West Mar. As soon as I can find somebody to sublease to, I will flying like a bat out of hell out of this hell hole. And again after going through all this I was offered only $150. Nobody ever said I could take some money off your rent, or how can I make this right. Truly disrespectful. I rented from summer 2016 through summer 2017. ...


I would never recommend Westmar Student Lofts to anyone. For starters their customer service is by far the worst I've encountered. The leasing agents are unorganized and management is just as bad. On my move in day, it took them 3 hours to get every thing straightened out. When I say everything I mean: the amount that I was supposed to be paying. The room style I chose [because there is a standard, luxury, and elite suite] I signed a lease and paid for luxury but when I showed up it was STANDARD. So they had to redo my whole room while my family and I waited in the leasing office. Keep in mind, I signed my lease 3 months before I moved in so I'm not sure why this wasn't straightened out prior to move in day. They are CONSTANTLY letting the trash build up in the chute, which attracted all bugs. Unfortunately I live close to the trash chute so if there is any food out in my home (THAT I PAID FOR) there will be a million and one gnats waiting to greet me by the time I get home. AND the cable/internet company they have the residents go through has to be the worst pick for internet/cable services. You will have all of your bars but it will take 5 minutes for you to realize that the webpage on you computer is still not loaded!!!! HELLOOOO! It's STUDENT HOUSING and it's the 21ST CENTURY FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. I can live with basic cable but living as a college student without wifi these days, is unheard of. They will not allow you to have any provider other than the one they give you. And the service is just as bad in the study rooms (ironic?). You would think for almost $1,000 a month PER RESIDENT they'd try to do better. They will mention all the perks to sell you, but of course you will know nothing of the lack of necessities (again, WIFI...have they never heard of my math lab??) until you're stuck with that lease (and In order to break it you have to find someone to live in your room which is probably hard to do considering I would never put someone in my situation AND NOW they're making you pay $500 even if it's not included in your lease. I know of several other residents who regret signing a lease as well. I can assure you, it's not just me. DON'T DO IT. On top of all this, the staff can access your room whenever they please. I feel this is unacceptable considering there are leases involved. If it were dorms (which is school property) it would be different. But these are like apartments and if your name is not on the lease, you should not be accessing the homes of the residents without permission. Sincerely, A pissed off GSU (approaching junior year- 4.0 GPA) student who's currently typing from their work computer -___- ...


Westmar is a pretty decent place. As far as the price goes (about $650 for the basic unit) you won't find much better this close to downtown. The units are pretty good, pool areas is very nice, and there is more then enough parking. There are also several other amenities (gym, track, basketball court, pool room, and computer lab to name a few). The free shuttle service that runs out of westmar is probably the most useful amenity though. It runs to GA State and GA tech campus so you never have to worry about on campus parking our getting up early enough to catch a MARTA bus. Alot of people on some review sites really seemed to bash this place which really had me worried once I signed my lease but the place isn't that bad. Don't get me wrong, its certainly not the Ritz, but for $650 a month I'm not complaining. Downsides are that the power and water bills are very high and not included in the $650 part of the rent. I live with 4 people and our bill is about $70-$80 each a month which seems a little ridiculous but I hear that water bills are a lot higher here in Atlanta. These are college student only apartments so its a great way to meet some friends, but us college kids also like to party so sometimes it can get a little loud outside or in another unit. There is a pretty busy train line that runs adjacent to the buildings as well. Most of the trains aren't really that bad but every now and then a louder one will come by. Its really not as bad as you would think though. Also one extremely important thing to realize is that you are not technically paying a monthly rent. It costs $7,800 a year to live here and you can choose to pay that up front, pay half this semester and half next semester, or $650 each month ($650x12=$7800). That means if you move in on the 19th of a month, you owe them first months "rent" plus the administration fee they charge you. When the month ends you will once again owe $650. You will not be pro rated!!! This makes sense when it is explained but this confused me a great deal because it was not really explained when I was signing the lease and then I was scrambling to be able to pay another full months rent that close to paying the initial move in cost. Also, it takes a month or two before they start billing you for water and power. That means you will always be paying for the utility bill from 2 months ago instead of 1. This also means that when you move out, you will have to pay for 2 months worth of utilities at once. Kinda inconvenient if you ask me but it is what it is I guess. If me explaining those too issues was confusing then I strongly advise you to ask the leasing office about it when you're signing your contract. They'll explain it to you and make it clear I just think my person may have forgot to do that since everyone was moving in around this time and he was pretty busy. All in all though westmar is a pretty nice though and I really like it so far. ...


Do not live at westmar! I was robbed at gunpoint inside of westmar and security did nothing but look at survalence tapes and still found nothing. i doubt if any of the cameras are real but one or two. I lost alot that equalled up to about 5,000 and westmar did nothing but sit on there asses and "apologize for the inconvenience" I paid about 700$ a month and it was not even worth it. Also LOUD trains that run by day and night which woke up me and my roomates daily. Living there is not a wise decision. I rented from fall 10 through spring 11. ...


~~This business is formerly known as MetroPointe Lofts of Atlanta, GA. They have changed names, but are still the same sleazy organization. Please review HUNDREDS of complaints that can be seen on the site Apartment Ratings under the name MetroPointe Lofts before signing a lease!!~~ After 7 months of pure hell, I am FINALLY out of this dump!! Actually, if it weren't for the Westmar staff, and the fact that they completely rob you of an extra $99 EACH a month (EVERY month, no matter what your usage is) for "utilities," things wouldn't be so bad! My guests and I were constantly harassed by the female security guard whenever she wasn't busy scowling at other residents like they were criminals. Also, I was repeatedly sexually harassed by one of the male members of the management team (Josh Parham), as he would come into my apartment, then my ROOM, both COMPLETELY UNANNOUNCED while I was home alone during the Christmas break. This happened on more than one occasion, and even once when I was in the shower! When I complained about it, I was told by another management member (Angel Arrington) that "management has the right to enter your apartment at any time." Which is a lie. You would obviously need a valid reason, and to give at least 24 hours notice if not an emergency. As for getting mail here? Forget it! I lost MONTHS worth of mail, as well as every birthday and graduation card and/or gift that I was supposed to receive between the months of November 2011 to January 2012. I sent out 35 invitations to close family and friends, and did not receive *one* parcel of mail back. Why, you ask? Because Westmar staff clearly tampers and/or steals with the mail. They blame it on U.S. Postal Solutions, the "outside agency" they hire, but I have personally seen students who work for Westmar sorting and handling residents' mail. My roommates and I have all had packages, cards, letters, etc. disappear. Even ones that have been received and signed for by Westmar staff!! So pleaaaaase don't ever change your address to Westmar! You will regret it! Not only that, but the post office will not let you change it back one it is set to Westmar because they are registered as a BUSINESS and not an apartment complex. Another thing my roommates and I had experienced was the entering of our rooms when we weren't home. We would come home and find our bedroom doors unlocked, with no invitation from us or notice that someone was even there. This is a big security risk to leave someone's property unlocked and unguarded! Again, during the Christmas break, an "unknown" member of the Westmar staff entered my roommate's room while she was on vacation and left her door open. I know this because I was the only one there for over 2 weeks, and my roommate wasn't due back from vacation for another 2 weeks. Her door wasn't unlocked when she left and for the 2 weeks thereafter, but one day I came home from the store and it was. She was still in California at the time. 4th floor friends of mine also reported their PlayStation stolen FROM INSIDE THEIR LOCKED APARTMENT. Beware! Along with the fact that management treats you like babies living in a dorm somewhere, this experience was enough for me to sell my lease and fast!! Then, to top the whole experience off, Westmar sent me an UNSIGNED security deposit check. The bank returned it to me because it was invalid!! Great. In the short time that I lived here, rent went up $70 a month. Ridiculous! I don't know of anyone who has lived here who would recommend this place to someone else. Just don't do business with these crooks, that is all. I rented from spring 11 through fall 11. ...

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