Introducing one click article creation and photo upload

Using your inbox tool to effectively tag new articles and photos in your system

Published: Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, March 14, 2012 17:03

Putting up an article on college publisher just got easier - Introducing one-click article and image creation with improved tagging tools.

With CP5, in order to upload an article, you would have to first open the sub section page, click through to the article section, and then create that article in the subsection where you would then place your story into a list.

Now, with the new inbox and article create feature, just click the "create" button below your content tree and an article form will automatically appear to your right. In the past, you would have to put up the article in the appropriate section to make sure it had the proper URL structure to be optimized for search engines. Now, with CP Pro, simply select which page the content should be tagged for under the "parent page" section. This ability is listed as an "advanced option" – meaning you don't have to select a parent page to publish the article, but every publisher should be in the habit of taking advantage of this streamlined feature to ensure their content is tagged as comprehensively as possible.

This will also make it easier to search for older articles if you ever need to edit them in the system because you'll know what section they were put up under.

For the first time ever on CP Pro, you also now have the option to tag images to their respective categories. This won't change anything on the front end display, but it will allow you to quickly search for content using the upgraded category search bar on the bottom half of the site.

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