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Can we add everyone in our school to our e-mail list?

If the e-mail addresses are lawfully obtained, you may be OK. Learn more about the federal CAN-SPAM Act and how it affects your publication. Full story

What's the best form of attribution when using images from the Internet?

Providing attribution is no exception for properly obtaining photos. Find out how to correctly attribute a photo or image when you have the rights to use it. Full story

Are we obligated to provide commenter information to police?

Until you have a valid, court-ordered, written subpoena from law enforcement, you are under no obligation to provide information. Learn your rights if a subpoena lands on your desk. Full story

Do we have to remove police reports from our Web site?

Students from the past wishing to erase their legal history? Get to know your rights as a publication. Full story

When is it OK to reuse video, audio and other content from other Web sites?

Copyright rules that apply to print/broadcast still apply to the Internet. Find out what you can do under the Fair Use provision in copyright law. Full story

Do we have to remove an old columnist's writing from our site if he asks?

Depending on the conditions in which the writing was submitted, the copyright of the work may belong to the author. Learn how to protect yourself and your publication. Full story

Am I liable for defamatory comments made by visitors on my Web site?

As long as you follow a few guidelines, you have immunity for material created and posted on your site by outsiders. Find out what to look out for when moderating site comments and message boards. Full story