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Online Advertising 101

With the high turnover semester to semester at college newspapers, this article is a great primer to get ad sales staff up on the ins and outs of selling the online edition. Full story

Business Staff, Best Practices

This document is contains a list of best practices put together by College Media Network to assist your staff with managing and monetizing your website. Full story

Using AdGear Step by Step

AdGear Overview

Primer on the Ad Deployment System on CP5

AdGear is a robust system with many sophisticated options. The new tools provided for online ad management are a smoother improvement for deploying ads. Each banner ad run requires only a few simple steps in the AdGear graphical user interface (GUI).

AdGear New Campaign

Using AdGear: Creating a new campaign

Step 1 in deploying a banner ad

The first step in the process when using AdGear for placing a banner ad on your site is creating the campaign.

AdGear New Placement

Using AdGear: Creating a new placement

Step 2 in deploying a banner ad

Once the campaign is created, you are brought to the page where placements and ads are listed. By default there are no active placements. Placements are definitions of which ads run where, and what targeting rules they comply to.

AdGear Ad Upload

Using AdGear: Attach an ad

Step 3 in deploying a banner ad

You've created a new campaign and a new placement. Now you now need to upload the ad creative files inside that placement.

AdGear Titling

Using AdGear: Tiling ads

The tiling function allows you to link web placements together in order to serve them as a synchronized bundle.

Using AdGear: Differing banner sizes

Getting creative with your creatives

You're not limited to just a few ad sizes. Based on your site needs, advertising agreements and overall creativity, your options in ad size can expand substantially.

Advertising With College Media Network

For information on advertising with College Media Network and on how to reach our network of top college newspapers please contact our representative: Reptide Media Network. Rob Aronson 917-327-7661

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College Publisher CMS

Polopoly is a basic content management solution allowing you to easily customize your site through a drag and drop interface. Open source solutions have their advantages, but CP5 provides stability for papers with high turnover and high demand. Full story

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Membership in College Media Network helps individual sites lift page rage and boost page views via network syndication and our exclusive partnerships with hundreds of college newspapers. Full story

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Our resources are committed to keeping all CP-powered sites at peak performance around the clock. This site, live chat, the ticketing system, a 1-866 contact line, and an after-hours emergency line ways to get us. Full story