Best Practices with CP

Optimizing your site for Facebook

If you're interested in taking an extra step to better integrate your site with Facebook and other social media site, let us introduce you to Open Graph tags.

Google Analytics

Quick Guide to Google Analytics

What you need to know about Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is one of the best tools you can use to monitor online traffic for your site.

CMN Staff

Got Traffic? Here's How to Get Some More!

breaking news, email editions, tweeting, liking

Sending out an email notification for your news publication is important!!!  It can generate as much as a 25% spike in your website traffic.  It is vital you send this out on a daily basis, and that you send out breaking news as it becomes relevant.

FAQ: General Troubleshooting

Common User Errors With CP5

Here are answers to some common errors:

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What a new staff should know about CP5

Our back-to-school guide for new editors

It's that time of year again: Back to school, and back to a regular publishing cycle. These times can be hectic, but we're here to help you get back in the groove. In preparation for the upcoming publishing season, we want to ensure you're all set to make your website the best it can be. Here are a few reminders to stay fresh.


Newspaper Advisers, Best Practices

Online continues to become the forefront for news and publishing. It is important that you help keep your staff is active online, and help manage them by staying on top of key items.


Online Editor, Best Practices

To drive traffic to our sites and increase the number of page views, this is a list of suggestions that we at the College Media Network believe will help our partner's improve the quality and effectiveness of their respective sites.

Business Staff, Best Practices

This document is contains a list of best practices put together by College Media Network to assist your staff with managing and monetizing your website.


10 Steps to Better Search Engine Optimization

Publishing Strategies to Make Your Content More Relevant to Google

A CMS can help you delivery audio, video and text in an organized and easy way, but making sure that the content can be found easily in Google takes some know-how.  CMN has put together some guidelines to help with SEO.

cmn seo help

SEO: Controlling your Google search results description

SEO is the name of the game. It is what determines how people find a site. Most newspapers right now are relying on their readers to simply visit the site, but there are things that you can do to help encourage a wider movement to your site.

Web Video Production Best Practices

Video elements are a great way to allow users to interact on your site. Here's a few best practices to keeping your videos in good shape.

third party apps

Third Party Apps: A Staffer's Best Friend

This summer the CMN interns scoured the internet for some third party apps you can use in your newsroom to spice up your website as well as your print edition. Here's what they found.


staff change

Transitioning Staff: A College Publisher Checklist

Transfer Knowledge, Tie Up Loose Ends to Ensure Smooth Start

We see it year in and year out… Take the time to get current and future web editors together to share workflow processes, login information and other tips and tricks.
We put together a  checklist of commonly asked questions and suggestions during staff transitions and summer breaks:


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Policing Online

You Obligations to Help With Police Investigations

There's nothing wrong with wanting to cooperate with law enforcement; but first it's important to make sure that your cooperation is legal.

Design Best Practices

Top Story

Create a site design you didn’t think was possible

Take a look at CP-styled versions of other popular sites

Is your publication looking to redesign your site? Looking for a fresh new homepage? Check out some designs you didn't think were possible. Full story

Top Story

FAQ: How to create a CP5 Mockup

Answers to commonly asked questions about the mockup process

Find out how to build the best CP5 Mockup ever. Full story

Third Party Apps

third party apps

Third Party Apps: A Staffer's Best Friend

This summer the CMN interns scoured the internet for some third party apps you can use in your newsroom to spice up your website as well as your print edition. Here's what they found.

reverbnation icon

ReverbNation Local Music Widgets

These widgets are a great complement on the section level or article level where editors can supplement related music or entertainment content. 

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FeedBurner is a free app that allows you to track your RSS subscribers and how often they click through to your Site.

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Recommended Twitter Uses

CNN. BBC. MSNBC. They're all Tweeting, here are some suggestions to get you started.

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Google Calendar

Already using Google Calendar? Read this article for tips on embedding it on your Site. jpg

Publishing documents with provides free storage for documents while making them accessible in an interactive widget.