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Published: Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Updated: Tuesday, June 30, 2009 17:06

The mission of College Media Network is to "raise the profile of college journalism." One of the ways we try to accomplish that is to create opportunities for college journalists to make news, either on a bigger stage or by bringing access to a major news item to the local market.

Either way, we will carry the news item produced through hosting your site as well as promoting it through our parent company's distribution channels and media partners.  It is a win-win-win; CMN gets advertising revenue from the spike in traffic, as does the newspaper, and the college journalist gets exposure to build his or her career.

That said, nothing comes for free.  When we have opportunities for college journalists, we want the best talent on the job.  We often are evaluating and casting while we do recruitment for opportunities and contests.

The best way to take advantage of the opportunities or contests we run is to be registered on this site – we will be using this site to communicate specific stuff with you.

Some of the different things our company has been able to make available to the market are:

Blogging for AOL:
AOL has recently relaunched aol.com/news as a separate site without the AOL brand (but it is still the same thing).  Politicsdaily.com is a site that hosts a college focused politics blog called The Cram.  This is a paid gig where politicos get some exposure for themselves and their newspaper; if you are interested, give us a call.

mtvU Oscars Red Carpet Correspondent Contest:
mtvU and the Oscars worked together for the 81st annual Academy Awards to send one lucky journalist and a camera operator to hit the red carpet and interview the stars.  The contest was very successful and we hope to make it a success again in the future…stay tuned!

mtvU's acclaimed "Stand-In" series takes newsmakers and celebrities and drops them into a classroom to teach unsuspecting college students in a classroom setting.  The episodes are always done with highest level of secrecy to create the shock and awe for the participating students.  mtvU can get local CMN journalists into the room as it happens to break the news and cover the event.

Editorial Board:
While this programming series is done at very sporadic rates based on the opportunity to break news and catch a newsmaker on his or her heels, it is a perfect example of mtvU putting its assets with college journalists and seeing what happens.

Our marketing and production teams are always looking for college students for new opportunities so please stay tuned and register on this site to receive updates about casting calls, contests and writing opportunities.

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