Newsletter basics and customization

Sending out a Newsletter is a proven method for driving traffic to your site

Published: Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Updated: Tuesday, July 27, 2010 13:07

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To send out the newsletter, pull up your homepage tab and then click the Newsletter sub tab. You will then see the "Create Newsletter" button. Clicking that button pulls up a new tab where you will create a new Newsletter. First you will need to Name your Newsletter. The "Name" field is used only by the system (your subscribers will not see this), so you should create a specific name that includes the date.

Next you will create a Subject line for your Newsletter. The subject shows up in the email subject line so it is a good idea to put your paper name here, as well as any other identifying information you wish to include.

Now you can place the articles you would like to see in your Newsletter using the copy and paste method. You can paste Teaser elements and articles into this area to give contrast between more prominent articles. It is a good idea to use a "Top Story" teaser at the top of your Newsletter to give prominence to one article.

Lastly you have the option to place a "Message from the Editor" to personalize every Newsletter.

Once the above is completed you should preview the newsletter to make sure it looks the way you want it to and then save. Saving the newsletter does not mean it is sent to your subscribers. Once you save the newsletter you will see a button on the bottom that says Send. Selecting the button will send the newsletter out to all registered subscribers.

Customizing your Newsletter:

To customize the layout of your Newsletter click the Layout tab. You will be able to edit the From Name, Reply to Information, Masthead, add a Banner ad (468x60) and change the Link Color.

We suggest creating and placing a designed Email Edition Masthead (600 pixels wide) as well as always placing a Banner Ad. This 468x60 banner ad can be a house ad that pulls people to the site if your ad sales team has not sold it.

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