Got Traffic? Here's How to Get Some More!

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Published: Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Updated: Thursday, September 22, 2011 10:09

CMN Staff


Sending out an email notification for your news publication is important!!! It can generate as much as a 25% spike in your website traffic.

It is vital you send this out on a daily basis, and that you send out breaking news as it becomes relevant. Regardless of how often you publish in print, your email edition should still be sent out DAILY.

This daily blast should attempt to feature a "section" a day, example:

Monday Edition: Your Weekend Recap

Tuesday Edition: News On & Around Campus

Wednesday Edition: Happy Hump Day - Opinions & Rants

Thursday Edition: All the Sports That's Fit to Print

Friday Edition: Arts, Entertainment, & the Weekender

Saturday Edition: The Multimedia Digest - Featured Photos, Videos, Blogs, Podcasts

Sunday Edition: Stories in Progress & Next Week's Preview

Lastly, please remind your editors and writers to like and tweet their articles on the actual website. This not only increases traffic, and brand recognition, but will also generate revenue for your paper.

If you need assistance sending out Breaking News, Email Edition or anything else, check out our articles on College, or contact the College Media Network Team.

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