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Maximizing Inventory & Flexibility Options for College Publisher Powered Sites

Published: Friday, December 10, 2010

Updated: Wednesday, April 27, 2011 09:04

As part of the transition of College Media Network from MTV Networks (Viacom) to  The Access Network, we have visited and listened to a number of our largest schools and been working to identify the key items that we can implement to improve the college publisher relationships and experience.

Enabling native mobile applications and providing more flexibility for the ad inventory on College Publisher sites are the two primary issues. 

Our affiliate agreements provide for CMN to control 3 national ad spots on College Publisher sites.  However, in most instances on CP5, we only implemented 2 of these spots. This was done by MTV to standardize the ad inventory with 5 positions - 2 national and 3 local - to enable them to backfill unsold inventory with remnant ads. 

In accordance with the affiliate agreements, we've created a third national ad position - which we've recently filled with an Expedia travel-booking widget. CP5 sites now have 6 total ad positions: 3 national and 3 local.

Plans for 2011:

We have implemented a new ad-serving platform to replace Microsoft Atlas Admanager, which was needed to address your requests for more flexibility on ad positions. As mentioned in our FAQ about The Access Network from October, we are creating opportunities to share the top spots on the site. The advertising options for 2011 are as follows:

A.    CMN and the college publisher will share the inventory from all 5 ad positions with a 70/30 breakdown. The colleges can use all ad placement up to 30% of the page impressions to sell local ads. CMN and the colleges will retain 100% of the revenue sold into their respective inventory. The Colleges' unsold inventory will be filled with remnant ads and the colleges will receive 20% of the revenue.

CMN will sell all 5 ad positions and remit a payment of 20% of the total revenue to the college.

C.    The college can sell the entire inventory and will pay CMN a revenue share of $7.50 per 1,000 page views. 

These options can be changed annually.

Please contact us through with any questions about these plans or to start processing your new affiliate agreement.

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